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Besides the very popular and predominant fields of study, there are some other fields also where students can study and still have high earning potential. There are various professional courses/ diplomas being administered by some very reputed colleges across the country. At our consultancy, we even provide you the opportunity to learn about these courses and decide about your career. They are-

  1. Financial Accountant

Accountancy is the field of study concerned with the income, expenditure, budgets, incomes, profits etc. By doing any professional course related to this field one can get good jobs in any industry.

  1. Banking Courses

Now a days many private banks have set up their own training institutions. Also there are other institutions of finance and banking which provide specialized knowledge related to banking industry. By doing diplomas or any other professional courses from there, you can get a good job surely.

  1. Designing

In the field of designing, one has the option to go for jewellery, garment or shoe designing. Many reputed institutions provide courses for the same.

  1. Industrial and Automotive Designing

The manufacturing industry is one of the most promising job sector. A person with a creative mindset and easily opt for courses in this field.

  1. Animation

One can also do courses in animation wherein you can learn about designing computer games, animated movies etc.

  1. Tourism, Hospitality and Aviation

People who want to move in the service industry may opt for courses in tourism, hotel management or may join any reputed aviation training academy.

  1. Information Technology

BCA, MCA are some of the popular courses who wish to make their career in the field of Information technology.

  1. Architecture and Interior Designing
  2. Arch is one of the most popular courses for people who want to design structures of buildings or any other construction.

People who are creative can opt for designing or decorating the inside and outside of houses. This field is known as interior designing.

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