Coral Educational Services is one of the best educational consultants providing free services to students who are willing to study in India or Abroad. With combined experience of thirteen years in education sector Team Coral Educational Services helps young and aspiring students to plan their Higher Education. We are adamant about getting our students that they deserve most rather than recommending places that fetch them more financial gains as per a commercial tie-up. We take pride in being Counsellors first than merely acting as an agent. We are an end-to-end solution provider with various services.


Our mission at Coral Educational Consultancy is to counsel students to help them pursue their passion with proper guidance in the education industry.


We believe in supporting our students through the tough phase of selecting a career. We at coral Education Consultancy prepare our students to confidently conquer their dreams and soar high in the skies of success.


We evaluate students on various aspects like academic & financial background, strengths and weaknesses, future plans and based on all the information we provide best options for the students which will fall in line with their expectations. Counsellors bestow personal attention to every student, following a student- centred strategy, to make them feel more confident in making career decisions.


Coral Educational Services was brought to life by a dream of a women who worked in educational sector for more than 13years. After gaining practical experience, she understood the dissatisfaction she faced in her jobs that is when the idea and necessity of choosing the best-suited career paths to excel in life were born. she fathomed the dearth of a good Counsellor required to guide students in an unbiased way.. Following the passion and zeal for transforming and helping young students in their careers, she decided to pursue a venture that would change the way counseling and guidance are looked at. A dream became life’s focus as now she and her team strive to help others by guiding student with apt career choices so that no student faces a similar job dissatisfaction. Anusha Devi, the Head Counsellor and Founder, is a MBM, PGDPM & PR by qualification. went on to pursue her passion for guiding students through milestones in their professional careers. A counsellor by passion and choice, Anusha Devi believes in the power behind providing unbiased opinions. Combining her business acumen and people management skills, she formed Coral Educational services Consultancy to help students achieve the best career and education-based solutions.